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Millennium Coatings

Pre-treatment Facilities

Our two Pre-Treatment Plant facilities, enables the Zirconium process (ZPSL), and PHOS-PREP process.

Zirconium process (ZPSL):

It is a replacement for the Iron Phosphate system with greater protection properties.

Zirconium is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Powder Coating Pre-Treatment Plant multi stage Process (PHOS-PREP):

PHOS-PREP PP 932 Low Foaming Heavy Duty Cleaner

The PHOS-PREP® PP 932 sulphuric acid based cleaner/etch has been specially formulated to remove scales and tarnish from aluminium to produce a chemically clean surface.

PHOS-PREP PP 920 NF Dry-In-Place Polymer

PHOS-PREP® PP 920 is a “dry-in-place” replacement for chromate-based products for the pre-treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

PP920 provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance after subsequent painting or powder coating.

Our PHOS-PREP 8 metre Powder Coating Pre-Treatment Plant