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The business of Millennium Coatings was established in 1999 to provide electrostatic dry powder application, wet spraying, shot blasting, cold galvanising and pre treatment and preparation for the Steelwork and other Metal fabrication Industries.

The business continually strives to improve its facilities to provide the most up to date quality services while becoming more environmentally friendly and constantly reducing its carbon footprint.

In this respect the business has installed a new Electrostatic Automated Powder Coating Conveyor which can deal with items up to 6 metres long.

It has also upgraded its static ovens capable of handling items up to 7 metres long.

The pre-treatment process uses a cold liquid Zirconium process, the waste liquids are biodegradable and non hazardous.

The environmentally friendly Cold Galvanising System is a one pack coating that provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals and an ideal primer for powder coating. It can be applied by brushing, spraying and as an aerosol, it is therefore ideal for all ferrous metals and avoids the need for hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation.

Millennium Coatings objective is to provide quality paint coating and services that consistently meets or exceeds the level of customer satisfaction required at all times.

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